Connecting to customers and communities - The road to inclusion

Design Best Practice - Lower Thames Crossing Consultation
2021-03-03, 11:35–12:05, Conference Presentation Stage

Cat Cliffe and I have worked on major infrastructure projects for the last 15 years. My background is in sustainability so I understand the need for balanced outcomes and believe community issues and environmental issues are at the forefront of community concerns when major infrastructure projects are in development and delivery. I am currently working on ensuring that community needs are reflected in the contracts for Lower Thames Crossing and make sure that the contractors understand the make-up of the communities they will impact and ensure that equality, diversity and inclusivity is fully accounted for during project delivery. For me it is all about being kind, open and honest with people so that they can raise their concerns and issues and we can make the projects we work on more considerate.

Evelyn Ismail has led the community engagement team on the Lower Thames Crossing for the last 3 years, and has specialised in engaging with ‘Hard to reach’ stakeholders for the past 7 years on major infrastructure projects. Evelyn is currently working with a number of communities who are directly impacted by the scheme and has built strong relationships by going above and beyond to ensure their views are heard and aspirations realised. The relationship with these communities are integral to the project’s success.